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Playtrk.com is a NFT blockchain gaming platform with a perfect economy aimed at the p2p trading genre.

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Staking System

We have an innovative staking system with three investment classes, Gold, Ruby and Diamond...

Integrated Exchange

For players from Brazil, we have created a system to buy and sell $PlayTrk via pix, so pla...

wPoints System

The smart withdrawal system developed by us is very innovative, farm mode players must acc...

Funny Games

Our playtrk.com platform was made to host and adapt several games within a single ecosyste...

Nft Marketplace

Our platform stands out with a high volume of trades made from player to player. We have t...

Contracts and Missions

To create economic mechanisms, players of our metaverse will have to buy certain contracts...


Game Rewards


Our reward pool is the largest portion of our ecosystem. We know that the $PlayTRK token farm is essential for the exchange system of consumable items, so we can guarantee longevity for farming mode players, they are the ones who will produce $PlayTRK in abundance.